The romantic dusty pink hues of the old town of Jaipur give the Rajasthani city its famous name “Pink City”. Jaipur’s ornate royal palaces, its colors and heritage inspired us to create our jewelry collection according to ancient enamelling techniques dating back to the 16th century. Each of our enamel earrings showcases intricate hand-painted artworks in the most unique color combinations. In India, enamelling is a very rare craft solely cultivated by the Meenakar cast. It requires a team of skilled artisans to create our jewelry. The “Sonar” forms the metal base according to our design. The “Chhatera” engraves the design into the metal and creates grooves and walls to hold the color. The “Meenakar” then pours in the colors. After each color, the jewelry is fired in a kiln.

The meticulous craftsmanship, the intricate artworks and mesmerizing colors makes the jewelry one-of-a-kind.

We are about to launch Spring/Summer 2022. The website will be updated on February 28. Sign up to avail a 10% discount on the upcoming collection.