Vera Fritsch

From Austria to India
Vera Fritsch was born and brought up in a picturesque town in the South of Austria. “It was a wonderful place to grow up and even though I loved the beauty of my homeland, I felt the urge to travel and discover other countries and cultures from a very young age,” she says. Her international studies in economics took her to France, the UK, Italy and Sweden - which, more or less, satisfied her desire for adventure. “But it was only when I accepted an interesting job opportunity in New Delhi that I entered the ultimate adventure of my lifetime. That was in 2007, and ever since, India has been my home.”
“I always had a passion for design and textiles throughout my life but only India triggered the urge to translate this passion into a profession. Fascinated by my everyday adventures in India, I wanted to bring the country’s beauty, culture and magic to everyone’s home around the world.”
Bit by bit she started working with craftsmen across India and experimenting with traditional Indian handicrafts without compromising on her rather contemporary, European design sensibility. "Not an easy task", the designer says. It took me more than a year to find the ideal synergy between modern design and traditional Indian craftsmanship. And then an additional year to put together a suitable team of artisans who could bring my visions to life." Monsoon and Beyond was officially born in the year 2013.
"In my opinion, design and sustainability go hand in hand. It is my conscious decision to collaborate with local artisans across India and to celebrate Indian handicraft techniques that are slowly disappearing."  
Vera’s label has been critically acclaimed by the media. She was recently featured in FORBES, VOGUE, ELLE, VERVE, WOMAN among others.
Vera currently lives with her husband and 3 adopted stray cats in New Delhi.