We believe in craftsmanship and sustainability. Our designs celebrate traditional Indian handicraft and we aim to preserve ancient forms of Indian craft techniques that are slowly disappearing. 

The Ancient Art of Block-Printing

Our Jodhpur Resort collection features garments that are hand-printed according to the ancient Indian craft of “Block Printing” which originated in the 12th century. “Block Printing” is a labor intensive craft as intricate patterns are carved by hand into teak wood. It takes five carvers up to seven days to create our designs in wooden block. 

Exquisite Hand-Embroideries

Many of our collections feature ancient crafts such as "Aari Embroidery", an extremely fine art of embroidery dated back from the 12th century.


 Enameling Craft from the 16th Century

Our jewelry collection "Pink City Jewels" was created in collaboration with craftsmen from Jaipur who master the ancient art of enameling which dates back to the 16th century. In India, enameling is a very rare craft solely cultivated by the Meenakar cast. It requires a team of skilled artisans to create our jewelry.
The “Sonar” forms the metal base according to our design. The “Chhatera” engraves the design into the metal and creates grooves and walls to hold the color.
The “Meenakar” then pours in the colors. After each color, the jewelry is fired in a kiln.