Inspiration behind our Prints

Each of our original prints tells an intriguing story and captures the beauty and heritage of India. 
Collection "Queen of Jaipur"
The pastel hues of peach and cream of this collection’s signature print are inspired by the majestic Amber Fort Palace outside of Jaipur. The pattern is a modern interpretation of the ornamental beauty of Amber’s sandstone colored Sun Gate which was the royal entrance to the fort.
Collection "Queen of Jaipur"

The lifestyle of Indian royals in the early 20th century was marked by parties, polo and debaucherous sports such as hunting with Cheetahs. We came across a fascinating video footage from 1939 that captured this one-of-a-kind spectacle. The tamed cheetahs were kept blindfolded like hawks and were only unleashed once the prey had been flushed out. Intrigued by this sport and way of life we created the print “Royal Hunt”.

Collection "Queen of Jaipur"

This print pattern is named after Rambagh Palace, which was Maharaja Sawai Man Singh’s and Maharani Gayatri Devi’s residence in the heart of Jaipur. Today, it is considered as one of the most glorious palaces in Rajasthan. Inspired by the pastels shades and intricate marble carvings of the palace’s archways, we created this print in shades of mint and beige.


Collection "Queen of Jaipur"

Our intriguing floral pattern is inspired by India‘s royal pleasure gardens which were commissioned by Indian kings for the royal ladies. These gardens were famous for their lush flowers and lawns, marble art and fountains. The print pattern is full of little secrets. Look closer and you will find hidden elephant trunks and peacocks beautifully interlaced with floral motifs in bright hues of lilac and green.


Collection "Queen of Jaipur"

The hues of our “Pink City” print came to our mind while watching a beautiful sunset from Nahargarh Fort over the city of Jaipur. Watching the sun bathe the city’s fortressed walls in shades of rose, and its minarets blushing deep sandstone hues and exuding romance – that is what we wanted to recreate with our print.


Collection "Queen of Jaipur"

The cheerful pattern in bright shades of orange and lilac is inspired by the ancient wall paintings of Samode Palace, which is still owned by the royal family of Samode. The palace’s ceiling, walls and alcoves are adorned with lavish hand-painted frescoes and mosaics exploding with color.