We tell stories

The indigo houses of Jodhpur, the faded wall of a medieval tomb in Old Delhi, the sunset over Marine Drive in Mumbai – images and related emotions like that serve as our inspirations. We take these inspirations, combine them with our design understanding and transform them into actual designs and textures. That is how we achieve our signature style that makes our designs stand out in Berlin, Paris, Hong Kong as much as they do in New York. "I wanted to do more than just creating beautiful designs. I sought to tell visual stories through my collections." – Vera Fritsch, founder

We stand for quality, individuality and beauty

It is our core idea to create something with love and care; something of value that shall inspire for a lifetime. We source the finest fabrics across India and collaborate with highly skilled artisans applying ancient forms of Indian handicraft techniques. Our love for detail reflects not only in our designs but also in the finishing and materials that we use. We believe in individuality and taste. Our ultimate goal is to create something that has a soul, something that tells a story and puts a smile on your face.